Legal support

We help founders

We advise founders on the legal aspects of set-up of their businesses and developing their business ideas. We assist founders in relation to the current business matters, but also help choose the legal form of business and advise on corporate matters, help develop and implement ESOPs and advise on the legal aspects of employment or the legal form of cooperation with the team.

We also support founders in transactions and help them negotiate investment agreements or sell shares in their businesses.

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    We help investors

    We help investors in legal due diligence of new tech businesses, in particular startups, the negotiation of investment agreements or agreements for the purchase of new tech businesses. We also support investors in the process of exit from their investments.

    We also have many years of experience in providing legal services to international business operating in the area of the Baltic Sea area, in particular business operating between Poland and Lithuania or Poland and Sweden.

    We do not pretend that we are experts in everything. We provide one-stop-shop services to our clients, using our network of experts in various fields of law.