Not about us

It's not just about us,
it's about our clients.
It's about their passions,
their business ideas,
the clients’ determination
to implement them.

This is especially important when working with new technologies, where entrepreneurs go off the beaten path, work on development innovative solutions or on their implementation. They take risks to do something new or unique. Sometimes on an international scale, but also on a local or business-specific scale.

We know how important it is in such a business adventure to get the proper support. Practical advice, quick response, simple and plain language or transparent and flexible forms of cooperation with advisors. We also know how important it is not only to provide professional advice, but also to create the right relationship with the client. So that the set-up and development of a business is not associated only with toil and drudgery (this can probably never be avoided), but also with an adventure that brings joy and satisfaction.

We undertake only those services in which we are experts. For the rest, we provide clients with support from experts in our network.

Based on hundreds of meetings with clients, listening to their perspective of running a business, but also based on our own experience we decided to offer clients an ecosystem of services addressed to the technology industry. We assist in raising funds for business development both in the form of grants and initiatives financed by public funds, as well as support clients in raising private funds by providing legal services for the negotiation of investment documentation with private investors.

We also complement this by ensuring that the business operates efficiently. To this end, we help clients with the implementation of tax reliefs dedicated to R&D and robotics projects as well as other solutions that allow for lower business taxation such as IP box, 50% tax cost scheme, Estonian CIT or family foundation.

We help when financing
of your innovation
plays hard to get