Funding for technology startups

Funding for technology startups

We are happy to present to you our services aimed at technology startups. Much could be written about the definition of technology startups. For us, the factor that distinguishes these entities is broadly understood technological innovation. We are especially happy to welcome serial startuppers who are looking for funding for their new ideas. However, if you do not have experience as an innovative originator yet, we will be happy to share our experience in financing startups and scaleups.

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    For which competitions can startups apply?

    Let us come straight to the point: we specialise in competitions financing R&D projects, which are, by definition, non-bankable. This means that from the point of view of the organiser of a competition, as a rule, it does not matter whether it is a company with a long history or a company set up for the purposes of an R&D project that applies for funding for R&D projects. What is important is that the project is aimed at innovation, at least on a national scale. By definition, such innovation would not receive funding from the banking sector due to risks associated with new knowledge or the invention of a new application.

    Are there any competitions exclusively for startups?

    The last open call for applications for the Start-up Platforms/Development of Startups in Eastern Poland competition took place in May 2023, and since then, most of the startups we know have been asking us more or less regularly about a continuation. We are pleased to announce that this competition is back. Its new name is “Startup Platforms for New Ideas”, and the first call for applications is to open on 5 September 2023. As the name implies, this competition is intended for originators (prior to the setting up of companies). Participants have to develop an innovative product during a project, and the maximum budget for a project is PLN 3.6 million. This competition is particularly close to our hearts because, in 2022, our grant team had a success rate of 100%, an achievement made possible by the magic of a series of calls for applications for this competition and the degree of specialisation we had achieved. In the current EU financial perspective, our team is not only involved in the preparation of application documentation, but also actively assists an accelerator in preparing the incubation process for startups that will be selected in the competition.