Funding for automation and robotization

Funding for automation and robotization

The subject of automation and robotization is particularly close to our hearts. This field was covered by an R&D project implemented in our previous business environment. Working for and on behalf of a beneficiary of Fast Track in the field of automation and robotization allowed us to adopt the “practitioners for practitioners” perspective. It is simple. We looked for opportunities to finance automation and robotization projects for clients in the same way as we did for internal/own projects.

We have practical knowledge of how to prepare this type of application in order to, firstly, obtain funding and, secondly, avoid many mistakes during the implementation and settlement of such an application. Our grant team worked closely with the automation and robotization sector, from the point of view of both robotic software (e.g. RPA) and machinery and equipment (e.g. HMI). At the invitation of the Polish Automation and Robotics Association (Forum Automatyki i Robotyki Polskiej), we gave presentations on funding for automation and robotization during the Warsaw Industry Automatica fair in May 2023. This allowed us to confront the available financing opportunities with the real problems and needs of the automation and robotization industry.

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    What competitions are aimed at the automation and robotization industry?

    On the subsidy market, we can distinguish competitions aimed “by name” / intended for the automation and robotization industry and competitions aimed at a wider group of applicants, but perfectly suited for this industry. “By name” calls for applications include:

    • automation and Robotization in SMEs under the European Funds for Eastern Poland (EFEP) programme
    • investments Supporting Robotization and Digitisation in Enterprises under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

    The advantages of the above programmes are addressing needs such as digital maturity diagnosis and developing a road map of transformation towards Industry 4.0 (EFEP), or using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage business processes and create digital platforms and smart factories (NRRP). The disadvantage of the above programmes is their one-off nature, i.e. the competition under the EFEP lasts until 25 October 2023, while the competition under the NRRP lasts until 21 August 2023. In principle, these calls for applications will be repeated in the long run, but the question that is probably on all our minds is, what if they are not…

    Well, if they are not, we would like to draw your attention to the call for applications for SMART Track. Yes, you read that right: SMART Track includes other modules besides the R&D module (including the digitisation module). However, in order to take advantage of the continuous call for applications for SMART Track, the R&D module, discussed by us in this text, has to be included in the application for funding (or implementation of innovations).

    How can we help?
    • we will adjust your planned expenditure to a current or planned competition
    • we will prepare a complete application for funding, together with attachments
    • we will analyse whether your own contribution may be indicated in the documentation
    • we will comprehensively settle the expenditure for the project