Settlement of EU projects

Settlement of EU projects

It’s easy! – We prepare application documentation as we would like it to be written from the point of view of a project settlement team. However, it is difficult for us, and probably for you as well, to imagine implementing an EU project without a project settlement stage. The decision to grant funding is the first element of success, and the correct settlement of that funding is the missing piece of the puzzle.

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    Can I commission, for example, my accounting department to settle a project?

    Of course, if you would like to entrust this task to your accounting department, you can certainly do that. Generally, however, we provide comprehensive services covering the entire stage of applying for and settling EU subsidies. Why is it so important? Already, when the application for funding is being written, regardless of whether you will take advantage of the settlement services, we include a project settlement specialist in the project team. Why? Well, it is in our common interest to ensure that the funding is credited to your account. Regardless of the work on the description of innovation or the preparation of the research and development agenda of the project, the eagle-eyed person specialising in settlement simultaneously verifies whether, for example, the definition of milestones will not give rise to problems at any stage of project settlement. Similarly, if, when the application for funding is being written, you decide on a subcontractor, you may need to publish a relevant enquiry in the Competitiveness Database, at which point, regardless of our natural editorial talents, we consult such an enquiry with the settlement specialist.

    To sum up, our goal is to prepare the application documentation in such a way that our team (if we are the ones responsible for settling your project) and you do not have problems with settling the application.

    How can we help?

    Our settlement services include:

    • advising on the analysis of the content of the funding agreement and verifying expenditure in terms of compliance with the funding agreement and cost eligibility,
    • advising on purchase procedures and the preparation of enquiries in the Competitiveness Database,
    • advising on and verifying documents concerning changes and annexes to the funding agreement, as well as preparing documents on the basis of information provided by the client,
    • advising on and verifying documents concerning changes to material and financial schedules and payment schedules, as well as preparing documents on the basis of information provided by the client,
    • advising and reporting on the preparation of payment applications as well as periodic and final reports on the basis of information and documents submitted by the client,
    • monitoring the achievement of indicators resulting from the funding agreement,
    • advising on the obligations related to the promotion of the project,
    • advising on project audits.

    However, the services do not include project accounting or project management.